Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Getting Started with Google Drive and Docs

You need to type a letter or flyer and don't want to pay for a subscription to Microsoft Office, Google Drive and Docs might be the perfect solution. 

Sign in with your Google Account, click the Google apps "waffle" then look for Drive and/or Docs:

Click Drive to open, then click New to see Drive options:

From here we'll focus on the basic tools for getting started with Google Docs

and Docs toolbars and menus:

Hover over the toolbar options to see what they are. If you use email this will be familiar to you.

Free tutorials on Google Drive and Google Docs at GCFGlobal

Google Drive Help

Google Docs Help

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Google Maps for most computing devices and offline too

Image result for google maps icon
Google Maps launched in 2005, thus have more experience than any other cloud-based mapping service. Apple added their Maps in 2012, use them too!

If you're going to be traveling to rural areas where there may be limited cellular service, download the offline map(s) to your smartphone or tablet before you go: 
(3 dot menu/download offline map)